Oribalt companies provide logistic services from its warehouses in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. We guarantee that our warehouse buildings, conditions, staff and their knowledge meet specific needs of pharmaceutical industry.



Warehouse facilities ensure optimal conditions in accordance with Good Storage Practice (GSP). Medicines are warehoused according to the temperature conditions specified by the manufacturer.  We provide continuous electronic temperature data monitoring and recording for ambient- and temperature sensitive products.

For inventory management Oribalt companies use iScala, electronic goods inventory system that is validated according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).



A strong presence across all three Baltic countries has many advantages. Logistic network provides a flexible range of distribution solutions to precisely meet the exact business needs of our clients.

Oribalt has close ties with pharmaceutical companies operating in the Baltic region. We provide services to all wholesale companies operating in the Baltic states. Flexibility of supply, its frequency and reliability of deliveries best of all meet the expectations of pharmaceutical manufacturers, thus creating significant benefits for our clients.

To ensure high quality standards for distribution services, Oribalt companies use ERP system iScala, which has been validated, thus ensuring that the services provided by the company comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP).



Transportation is one of the vital parts of the supply system. We offer logistic services including products transportation to different customers. Temperature storage conditions are observed during the transportation. Temperature sensitive medicines are transported at appropriate temperature.

Oribalt Riga uses validated transportation containers. The vehicle can sustain the established ambient or cool conditions which are recorded by recording devices and can be presented for the assessment of transportation conditions. Our target is to maintain product quality during the transportation.


Cold chain

A lot of medicines and pharmaceutical products of biotechnological origin require special storage conditions. As specialists in pharmaceutical logistics, Oribalt handles products with care and ensures that the strict regulations which are needed for the storage and transport of cold chain pharmaceutical products are uncompromisingly adhered to.

Oribalt uses validated refrigerators for storage and validated thermo boxes and specially equipped vehicles for transportation of cold chain products to maintain the required temperature under constant conditions during the storage and transportation of products on the way to customer.

Audrius Pivoras

Manager, logistic services

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